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Caring for your Elita purchase is important and will help preserve its beauty for generations to come. In support of this goal our customer support team are always available to help guide you on the best servicing, storage and maintenance regime for your piece.



Lady wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz watch with diamond bezel

Fine jewellery
Care and protection of your fine-jewellery is vital to its longevity and preservation. We recommend the following daily considerations; Always handle your piece with care. Remove the piece when washing your hands or using corrosive products that could damage the previous metals or stones. Avoid contact with perfume, soap, chemical products, cosmetics, water or extreme temperature changes. When cleaning the stones, always do so with a soft, dry cloth following an initial rinse in warm soapy water. We recommend only using soap with a neutral pH.

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Cleaning & maintenance
Your piece should be cleaned regularly in order to preserve its lustre and remove any fine scratches. Our roster of highly skilled craftsman carry out every cleaning and maintenance process by hand to ensure the functional and structural integrity of the piece is maintained. If your piece includes pearls, emeralds, coral or a significant cluster of diamonds, the task of cleaning and maintenance should be entrusted to one of our specialists. At a minimum, we recommend scheduling one service a year for fine jewellery and timepiece purchases noting that polishing removes a fine layer of metal and should only be undertaking when necessary.

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The correct storage of fine jewellery is vital to avoid fine scratches or damage. To avoid scratches when storing your piece, it is always best to do so within its original box or packaging, separate from other jewellery. Chains should be closed and kept flat as to avoid the formation of twists, knots or distortions. Avoid rapid changes of temperature. We recommend that you regularly check all clasps to ensure there is no damage to mechanical components prior to wear.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a first-time purchaser caring for your timepiece is vital to its longevity and value. Regardless of whether you wear your purchase on a daily basis or only once a year, cleaning your watch regularly is important. We recommend a damp soft cloth, cotton buds, a chamois cloth, or a very soft-bristled brush to lightly clean the face and the case. When it comes to cleaning fluid, a small amount of water or dish soap should suffice. Should you be in doubt about the durability or water resistance quality of your piece we recommend speaking with our customer support team.

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Storing your watch and ensuring that it is free from dust and moisture is vital. We recommend storing your piece in an Elita Presentation Case and in a cool, dry place. Damp, mould, mildew or extreme changes in temperature can impact on the movements and materials of your piece. Stainless steel bands or bezels should not be kept in an air-tight box without a regular cleaning regime as the outer oxide later on the metal can rust. We recommend keeping the lid of the Elita Presentation Case open on occasion to avoid this problem.

Horologist working on a luxury watch

Servicing & maintenance
Your timepiece should be serviced every two years subject to the amount of time you spend wearing the piece, the nature and complexity of the movement and the environment that you store it in. Our Master Watchmakers can undertake the assessment, cleaning and repair of all vintage and contemporary pieces and we encourage you to speak to a member of our customer support team about a suitable servicing and maintenance regime for your piece.