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Elita • Haus

Man wearing a Rolex Submariner watch
Rolex Submariner timepiece

A bespoke hospitality experience
As the ultimate destination for luxury, Elita Haus is a luxurious, bespoke and personalised hospitality experience. Curated by the best designers and artisans of our time, our beautifully considered environments, impeccable service and memorable experiences provide an exciting platform for our members to connect and enjoy. For more information, we invite you to connect with our membership team at

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Elita • Concierge

The Elita Concierge provides a comprehensive suite of value-added services to all new and existing clients. From advisory and investment services, through to made to measure design services, personal styling experiences and aftercare, our Concierge team has access to a curated network of the world’s leading artisans, designers, stylist and creative talent to meet your needs.